Thursday, February 21, 2019

Bea Alonzo Posts Swimsuit Photo On Her Instagram

Bea Alonzo Posts Swimsuit Photo On Her Instagram

bea alonzon

The actress was generous with photos on Instagram since the group reached the island on Sunday, February 17, 2019.

There is no doubt that Bea is one of the most gorgeous female celebrities in her generation, aside from the fact that she has superb acting skills.

Bea looks beautiful on her toned figure in a rare bikini photo, through which the 31-year-old star opened up about her struggle with body image in the past.

However, she is not one of those who always shares her bikini photos on social media. This time, it’s different because according to her, this is the year of change.

bea alonzon

The actress said in her Instagram post "I have always been the type who would choose not to post photos of myself in swimsuits but since I declared this year as the year for CHANGE, I thought that maybe I should change the way I view myself. "

Bea admits that the reason why she is not fond of posting her bikini photos is her insecurity but she is ready to let go.

"Maybe, I should get rid of all my insecurities so I can live more. 
I want to forget about how I hated myself for being ”fat” in other people’s eyes and just remember the things that I love about my body. It’s the only body that I am blessed with and I am thankful for my health because I get to do the things that make me happy". Bea Said.

bea alonzo

It seems that Bea Alonzo saw her beauty behind the criticisms she receives and she is thankful for that.

Bea also said in her post "I hope that this post could inspire other women to love themselves more, flaws and all. Let’s all work hard to better ourselves for us and not just so others could accept us."

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