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List of Authorized Travel Agencies for Korean Visa in the Philippines 2019

List of Authorized Travel Agencies for Korean Visa in the Philippines 2019

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A few months ago, The Korean Embassy in the Philippines announced that the Visa application can be processed through authorized travel agencies because of the number of Korean visa application is increasing.

As per the record of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the visa application increased 30, 000 from 2015 to the end of 2016, the total visa application in 2017 was almost 160,000.

Last 2018 the number of visa application also increased and it will continue to increase by this year. and you know what, most Filipinos enjoy visiting Korean, for this reason, Filipinos are among the big percentage of applying for the said country visa.

As experienced by Filipino travelers, it was very easy to apply for a Korean tourist visa from OECD. but some travelers also struggled for this application. The strategy to avoid struggling with your application, applicants must submit complete documents and your documents should always be consistent with your personal details.

Furthermore, one of the application requirements for a Korean tourist visa in the country is Income Tax Return, but no need to worried, BDO and BPI are allowed to waive Income Tax Return.

List of Authorized Travel Agencies for Korean Visa 

These are the 35 agencies authorized by the Korean Embassy in the Philippines to process the Korean visa application. If we want to travel to Korea we must follow this new guideline to process our permit visa
 The Korean embassy will no longer entertain any walk-in applicant with the exemption for spouses and children of Koreans, holders of visa issuance number, government employees with an official business trip, and for those with humanitarian reason to travel urgently to Korea.
It made easy to the people who want to travel to  Korea, you can now apply for Express Visa via an accredited travel agency authorized by the embassy, this can be processed within 2  working days.
What are you waiting for? apply now and see you here in Korea.
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